Friday, 29 April 2016

Status Update

I spent approx 5 hours initially trying to work out how to get Maya to actually open before giving up all hope and trying to get on and sort my Art Of document. However I tried sorting it again and finally got maya to work! - I ended up doing a manual graphics card driver update, restarted a few times, and Maya opened!! 
Only problem now is, I have to reset all the projects, and all my textures on my image planes are missing from each scene, so I have to reload the colour image and the transparency image into every image plane for every character, for every scene, (at least 4 image planes per character, at least 6 characters per scene, 4 scenes) and then get on and actually do the finishing animations, playblast and load them into my Premiere document, and finish editing it all together. 

I'm happy I've finally got Maya working of course, but I know I wont be able to have everything done in time. Ill just put together what I can - any playblasted scenes I have and my Premiere file so far, so hopefully people can get an idea of where I was going with it all. 

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