Friday, 29 April 2016

Fantastic Voyage - Submission Post and Art Of

Due to Maya/my computer issues I was unable to finish off my animation, and will not be presenting, however I do have the Art Of "Bacteria Basher" and partial animations that will hopefully show the direction I was going in. 

Once I managed to get Maya working properly again I put together these clips of some of my characters from my animation to show the limb/jaw animation on each of them, and how they move and some interact. I didn't include them all as they are repetitive and I also have other clips.

I also have this clip of the end of my animation, where you can see the later stage bacteria and superbug, the IV antibiotic and how it interacts with the brain environment. I added a basic sound track.

My Premiere file so far, I also couldnt do anything to this at home as every time I imported a file or image sequence the program would freeze, which I only found out after the Maya issues. 

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