Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Narrative - Art Of "Granny vs The Weeds"

Narrative - Crit Presentation

While we don't have a final film, we do have some short animation cycles of granny moving around her house.

Once again, here's our animatic to show what we were aiming to do.

Narrative - Final Environment Model - Situational Shots

Here are some images of our final environment model, from within in the environment, as if still frames from the animation, we do also have small clips of our animation to come too. 

Narrative - Final Model!

Environment model is finally finished and fully textured, with image planes input too! 

Narrative - Textured Weed Blooms

Narrative - Final Textures - Whole House

 Counter Top, Doors and Doorframes




 Kitchen Tiles

Living Room Rug

 Rose Paved Surrounding

 Stepping Stones



Hallway Side Table and Living Room Coffee Table

Living Room Carpet

Back Wall

Narrative - Editing Environment Textures

Initial texture for Living Room Carpet 

Tiled in photoshop for the final texture

Initial wood grain texture for the fence and tables through the house

Fence Texture

Table Texture

Initial paved ring around the rose

 Overlaid with muted floral pattern and added dirt in the centre (where the rose grows) for the final texture 

Initial Stepping Stones Texture

Overlaid with same muted floral as before for final texture

Initial Grass/Lawn Texture

Added parts of another floral pattern to break it up a bit and also brightened, for final texture

Initial Outside Wall Brick Texture

Tiled in photoshop for final texture