Thursday, 1 December 2016

Narrative - Plan of action 2!

Lots of group discussion today, Ive made us all another jobs list, so here are the jobs we each have to do going forward through the weekend and into next week.

Create final images for kitchen image planes, with correct textures as discussed. 
Upload cups design
Turnaround for cup and teapot (side & back needed - refer to animatic) 
Upload all kitchen images psd files to googledrive
Granny sitting in armchair, 3/4 view, textured, upload to googledrive.
Armchair back view
Upload granny texture files to googledrive, separate folder.

Ensure all psd weeds files are uploaded.
Finish blooms for weeds
Finish rose texture/ortho, and fallen rose bloom
Upload other garden textures
Record old lady noises from nan
Start rigging granny in maya
Weeds in sections ready for rigging if needed
Images of tool in grannys hand. 

Upload all trophies and certificates, fireplace, pictures, rug, images.
Upload finished untextured maya environment images
Apply new textures and image planes for kitchen to maya model.
Apply  textures to orthographs of granny and weeds, then prepare image planes and transparencies ready to go into maya. 
Create surrounding garden foliage artwork and transparencies.
(After Krissy) Take granny in armchair and create transparencies.

After these are done:
Pose test for entire animation. 

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