Friday, 19 May 2017

Submission - Maya Tutorials and Film Reviews

World Animation Film Reviews

Maya Tutorials

Lighting and Rendering 2

Pipeline 1: UV Layout

Pipeline 1: Skinning

Acting Classes
Weeks 1-6

Sculpting Classes
Sessions 1-3

Pipeline 1: Skinning - Part 4: Blending the Upper Body

Lighting & Rendering 2 - Mental Ray Part 8: Displacement Maps

I think I messed up a setting here somewhere because my renders kept all coming out rather blurred, I eventually gave up and left them as is. I did have some issues with maya on another scene before this tutorial and reset a bunch of things/changed things, and I'm not sure whats happened or how to fix it, but these are the renders I have for this tutorial for now, I think I'll probably come back to this over the summer as well as finishing off the others that Im just not going to get done on time once I've sorted my maya (as it just keeps getting more temperamental but I don't have the time to try and sort it right now) and see if I can get some better results. 

Lighting & Rendering 2 - Mental Ray Part 9: Ambient Occlusion

Lighting & Rendering 2 - Mental Ray Part 5: Portal Lights

Lighting & Rendering 2 - Mental Ray Part 6: Mia Metarial X Shader

Lighting & Rendering 2 - Mental Ray Part 1: Samples & Quality Control

 Final Render

Pipeline 1: 3D Head Modelling - Finished Model

 I have been unable to locate a large amount of my "making of" screenshots for the head model, I assume I deleted them from my OneDrive to free up space thinking I had already downloaded them to my computer when I actually hadn't. Here however are screenshots from my completed and cleaned up head file, where it is ready to be exported onto my model. Again hopefully this will serve as a lesson for me to keep up regular blogging in the future, and actually upload things to my blog once they are done, so I don't accidentally lose something again in the future. 

Lighting & Rendering 2 - Mental Ray Part 4: Physical Sun & Sky

Pipeline 1: Skinning - Part 3: Binding & Weight Grouping the Mesh

Pipeline 1: Skinning - Part 2: Building a Skeleton