Thursday, 11 May 2017

Adaptation: Part B - Post Crit Reflection

In short, I received the feedback I was expecting. 

The main feedback of the day, for everyone and not just myself, was to be more present and consistent both in uni and on the blogs, and I knew I had been guilty of this wen I was facing challenges with carrying out my project the way i had planned. 

The main points of my feedback were: Dont hide away, ie face my problems head on and it was suggested I have a schedule for completing and posting work. More organisation and structure around work, be consistent blogging and keep others updated, are all methods which will help me so I can get help if and when struggling in the future. 
Another big thing I learnt from this project is to know when to call it and move on if something isn't working. The amount of time I essentially wasted just "flogging the dead horse" that was my initial plan of action for completing my project really set me back and I came to this realisation far too late, something I will be sure to avoid in future projects. 

I did get some positive feedback around my concept, I was told it was interesting and there was a clear view of concept from my animatic, and I was articulate and things were presented well and with well thought out explanation, allowing people to see the logic behind my work, again though the feedback was the wish it had come sooner. In general my positive feedback was there is good work but I'm "a mystery", again coming back to my need to stay consistent with updates on my work. 

I am annoyed I didn't get I had planned to finished, in my interim crit it was decided I would have a fully finished animatic, and 8 final low poly models with textures. I completed the animatic and my models, with watercolour textures applied to all, but only got to final textures with 2 of the models. However looking back this has definitely been a good learning experience to be much more open if things aren't working out in my projects, as it really is obvious I cant get help if I don't tell anyone I need it. 

I do want to continue this project into next year, and plan to over summer complete further texture testings and get those completed, I feel I also want to go back over the watercolour texture colours for the elephant and rhesus macaque models as they're not quite looking how I would like, as well as starting on the rigging, as quadrupeds are very different to the Jet-Pack Jones rigging tutorials. 


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  2. I'd add this to your statement about blogging consistency - "don't binge post". From our point of view when the blogger reading list suddenly becomes a long list of posts from Pip it doesn't look good. Don't get me wrong its great to see the work but it would be better if you posted when you did it as opposed to throwing it all online at once.