Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Fantastic Voyage - Antibiotic Character Progress

In my concept art for the antibiotics the Level 1 and 4 designs were drawn front on, which I had to change to partly side on in order to make them match with the rest of the designs and be able to make them move around the environments without it looking like a strange crab-shuffle. My script has also been finalised and there are now more different upgrades that the antibiotics go through on show in the animation, so I had to work out exactly what was needed and alter the antibiotics accordingly. Further I had to change the legs on all of the antibiotics so it makes sense when I animate them moving. When I was sorting all this out I also took into account the image planes I would be making/using, so separated up all the body parts so it is much easier for me to break them down and make the textures and transparencies for the image planes, which I will be putting together tonight.
This is my updated character sheet for all the antibiotic designs that will be featured in my animation.

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