Sunday, 24 April 2016

@Simon - Maya not opening my scene?!

Im trying to open the image planes bacteria scene I was working on with you on friday to put together the other bacterias, but every time I try to open the scene maya doesnt open, and the output window says this.

If I close it all and try again the same thing happens, Ive tried lots of times now. I have tried leaving it and waiting to see if anything happens, left it about 20 minutes, nothing. I dont know why its doing this/whats going wrong, any help would be great thank you! 

UPDATE: Just tried to open a different maya file, the heart environment, same thing happened. Why cant I open any files?! Please tell me Im just being dumb

UPDATE 2: Ive tried looking around to see what is going wrong, cant seem to find any answers or how to fix it. Ive updated my PC with any outstanding updates, tried restarting, tried "repair" on the autodesk change/uninstall, etc. Nothing. Ive now created a new system restore point, rebacked-up all my files to an external hard drive, and Im going to try uninstalling and reinstalling maya completely, its the only option I can think of now. If this doesnt work then I guess Ill have to do all my maya work at uni this week, that is if I can even get a computer.

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