Saturday, 9 April 2016

Fantastic Voyage - Maya Environment Modelling

This week I've been trying to focus on getting all four of my environments modelled. I started with this on Monday, and beginning with the brain environment as this is by far the most complicated one I have. 
After a lot of headache on how to actually put it together and help with this, plus hours of individual vertex moving, finally I have my brain pretty much finished. 
Now I just need to add the green infection patches to the back plane and play around with colours a little. I don't need any specific texture as I designed it very flat, though may put a slight shine on some of it, and there are no different camera angles, its just going to be viewed from the front as its a level for a platformer game. 
I've also been working on the throat and heart levels through the week, between the contextual studies essay, film reviews and maya tutorials, and they should both be finished tomorrow, and I'm planning to get the lungs done too. Then I'll start work on modelling my characters on Sunday.

Concept Art

Finished Model (unfinished texture)

Making Process
Blocking out background plane over concept art image plane

 Blocking out outer with curve tool, then extruding out faces to create the passages

Further face extrudes, front view

Perspective View

Nearly all passages blocked out

Smoothed, with background 

All passages blocked out, wireframe mode, with all vertexes aligned to concept art 

Object mode, perspective view

Smoothed, with back plane

Duplicated and then edited vertexes to create the lighter pink passage sections

 Just lighter pink passages, smoothed

 Adding in the individual breakable passage blocks

Duplicating, then rotating and scaling for each one

All finished mesh layers

All layers completed, polygons

Finished "unlocked" level, smoothed

Finished model of level

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