Sunday, 3 April 2016

Fantastic Voyage - Updated Concept/Direction

So after some issues with sorting out what for my animation was actually going to take, and after getting feedback in the Pitch and thinking about ways to do it, I have finally made some decisions about my animation and feel confident it will work. 
The basis of the animation is it is a public awareness short, but in the guise of a new game spotlight play through. 
The animation will have a voice over and appear to be a gamer presenting a play through showing off a new game, as if to be uploaded to YouTube. The "game" itself will seem simple enough at first, and the player will explain quickly certain aspects that before lots of text were needed for, eg the levelling up, getting rid of those screens as they were awkward and boring. However the game will become increasingly harder and harder, and the player will continually be defeated, the animation will show the cut together "death streak" of the player, again as if edited for showing on YouTube, with an increasingly frustrated voice over. 
The "game" will then appear to have a twist ending, with a public awareness message, similar to the twist ending of "Can Your Pet?" (spoilers!) where you are lead to believe it is a normal, super cute, virtual pet game, but after some game play you click a new option and the pet is brutally murdered and stuffed into a can. This game uses shock value to get across the message of the horrors of the meat industry, trying to make a human connection to the animals processed every day. While my animation is nowhere near as horrific as this, the same principle is in place, you initially think one thing, but "beating" the game is impossible, and at the end you shown there is actually a whole other meaning to the game - educating you on the dangers of using antibiotics for small infections - showing how things can quickly get out of hand. There will also be a link to a medical website where players can learn more about the issues around overuse of antibiotics included at the end. 

Updated script to come shortly. 

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