Tuesday, 17 November 2015

What if? Metropolis - Refined Concept Development -Feedback please!

I talked with Jordan yesterday in the Photoshop tutorial about how I would progress with the project, as I have a pretty good idea of how I want my finished city to be, but I was stuck on the process of what to do next to get there. He helped me a lot and said what I had so far looked good, so to move onto creating refined concept thumbnails of my city. The first thumbnail he helped me on, showing me a few techniques on how to put together the thumbnails which was really helpful and made me feel a lot more confident creating the others myself. 
I think my favourite is 3, but think 2 could also work. I'll be making a few more, but feedback on these for what works would be much appreciated, then I can get onto colour comps. 


  1. I like 3 the most ^_^ but I agree 2 is nice also

  2. It's either 2 or 3 for me. 3 is probably the strongest out of those though :)

  3. 3! It looks busier, more city like! :)