Thursday, 12 November 2015

What if? Metropolis - OGR #1

After Effects

Life Drawing

Animation and Character

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  1. Hi Pip,

    I don't truly understand why this is so late - or why you're not more consistent? You *really* need to sort it out! More positively, your OGR contains loads of interesting stuff, and the whole 'Coral reef' city is nicely expressed and aligns with the organic delights of your artist. I like the different approaches to thumbnailing - collage into silhouettes and then further exploration through drawing. This is exciting, and you're obviously spending time and giving consideration to your presentation. There's quality through and through. BUT - your challenge, Pip - is to meet the OGR 2 deadline and not entitle yourself to 'more time'; one of the big things we need to give you in year one is a sensitivity for the sanctity of a deadline; you need to think of them as immovable objects, and you need to think of your project briefs as gospel. It would be self-sabotaging indulgence to decide to hold your work back until it was 'ready' - at the expense of your professionalism. You just need to be 'ready' for the various deadlines - no exceptions. I genuinely look forward to seeing your final concept art etc. for Wednesday's OGR. Do what you have to do to meet the deadline... and Pip - I want to see your reviews on here asap. Don't be an ostrich. Get them done. Meet the brief. 'Be amazing!'