Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Life Drawing #8 - Callum and Colour

The first pose today was a 20 minute standing pose. I used pencil and to begin with largely focused on the face. I feel as though I made the body too big for the head.

Close-up detail. 

 The next set of poses were 5 minutes each, and I used white chalk on black paper. 

I feel the top two images are the strongest. 

The last pose was 20 minutes also, and we were encouraged to use different colours and media if we wanted. I used chalks on black paper. I chose these colours because of the orange/red light coming from the heater lamp, and blue for a complimentary shadow colour. 


  1. lovely final drawing, Pip! The chalk studies are fab too :) Good job!

  2. I really love the chalk ones...I like how they look all together on one page =]