Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Life Drawing #6 - Callum and muscle form

I arrived a little late to today's session due to an earlier engagement, so I missed the first pose. I think this put me off a bit because I couldn't really get into drawing with the first few poses, 5 minutes, and 3 minutes long. Especially when I thought I would try out drawing with a thick marker, which just went abysmally. Thinner marker worked better though (bottom 2 and top right).

In particular I quite like how this pose turned out. 

Next were some 1-2 minute poses, focusing on moving from one position to another. 

The last pose was 20 minutes, and we were encouraged to focus on muscle tone. I chose to work white chalk on black paper. Looking back on it now I think I need to work into the proportion of the head as it seems a bit small, and slim down the leg on the left. 


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    1. Thanks Phil, I think I prefer working white on black, feel like I still need to work on my proportion though :)