Monday, 9 November 2015

What if? Metropolis - City Name Development

For my city's name I thought that a statement that describes an element of the city (coral city, rising from water/sea, always growing etc) and then roughly translated into German wound be good as my collaboration artist, Beate Kuhn is German. I went on Google translate and translated words I felt related to my city into German, and tried stitching a few together.

island - Insel
islands - Inseln
coral - Koralle
city - Stadt
dry - trocken
giant - Riese
emerge - entstehen
large - groß
pieces - Stücke
ever growing - wachsenden
growing - wachsend
always - immer
forever - bis in alle Ewigkeit
growth - Wachstum
eternal - ewig
ocean - Ozean
living - Lebensunterhalt
alive - am Leben
walls - Wände
breaching - Verletzung
rock - rock
living walls - Wohnwände
eternal growth - ewige Wachstums
building - Gebäude

Here's a few I came up with: 
Verletzung (breaching) + ewig (eternal) = Verletzewige 
Koralle (coral) + Stücke (pieces) = Koralstuk
Koralle (coral) + Stadt (city) = Korallstadt
Koralle (coral) + entstehen (emerge) + Inseln (islands) = Korentseln
wachsenden (ever growing) + Insel (islands) = Sendsel
Lebensunterhalt (living) + Gebäude (building) = Sunterbaud
Lebensunterhalt (living) + Inseln (islands) = Sunterseln or Lebenseln

I also thought of Korallia, because I was thinking they all sounded a little too contrived, but after going back over them I have decided on Sendsel.

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