Monday, 2 November 2015

What if? Metropolis - Collaboration Artist Beate Kuhn

The artist whose work I will be collaborating with to create my city throughout the What if? Metropolis project is Beate Kuhn. 

She is an important German ceramic artist who is known internationally for her work. She made her name with her avant-garde works of organic structural forms, and then went on to also create fantasy porcelain animals. She combines both wheel thrown and hand moulding techniques in the creation of her work, often first creating multiple pieces and then combining them together. 
Kuhn takes inspiration for her pieces from objects in nature from mountains to trees to animals, and in particular is inspired by natural flowing forms such as rivers and streams, branches and meadows. 

Below is the influence map of her works that I feel would make a good base to start developing building thumbnails from to create my city.

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