Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Life Drawing #6 - Movement

Today's life drawing class was focused on capturing flowing movement, and creating base sketches we can use in Meg's animation class on Friday.

First we had a series of five minute poses, I thought there would be more then five so ended up doing them a little small, but I feel like I'm definitely getting better with proportion. I've also taken close ups of each pose so they're easier to work with on Friday. 

Particularly like the above and below poses. 

Next we worked in charcoal and had the same activity again but this time just with one minute poses, plus there was a tutu involved. 

To finish we did a pair of poses, 10 minutes long, from sitting to standing. I really messed up the proportion on the standing pose, the body is way too long, but I can fix this on Friday when it comes to animating. 

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