Thursday, 19 November 2015

What If? Metropolis - OGR #2

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  1. OGR 19/11/2015

    Morning Pip,

    Looks as if you're pretty much good to go in terms of moving into the production phase. Some advice: firstly, in terms of your production art and orthographs etc., they're not yet at the quality of execution they need to be, both in terms of their presentation and their decisiveness. They're still reading as thumbnail pages, when they need to be your 'definitive' documents. Imagine that you're handing your production art and orthographics over to a modeller/texture artist etc, who 'isn't' you.... I don't think you're giving that person all the information they need - for example, you haven't included top views of some of your assets, and your 'production art' doesn't exist (i.e. fully rendered drawings of your final buildings).

    I don't think you're yet utilising your matte painting; right now it's a colour wash, when if you where just to open out your composition a little more, you could use the 2d element of your world to more usefully extend your city by giving us the suggestion that the city continues.

    A final really important point: you've got a little note in your OGR about 'making water in Maya' - I don't want to see you using any default water effects in Maya. I want your final digital set to keep the painterly qualities of your concept art, as opposed to your digital set being like the 'plastic' or 'too CGI' version of your world. In terms of texturing, lighting and use of focus, your concept art is boss. This challenge of translation between the art and the technology is one of the big challenges of this next few weeks, so I want to see you working really hard to bend Maya to your vision, as opposed to letting your vision get bent.

    You've worked hard to get here on time - well done - so look to the professionalism of your presentation in light of the 'Art Of' - and consider the challenge of translating the soft painterly character of your concept art into your final digital set.