Monday, 26 October 2015

Photoshop Tutorial - Stag Beetle/Post Box

In today's tutorial we were focusing on  production art and were tasked with creating a form/structure from an object and and animal that we (literally) picked out a hat (box). I got a post box and Stag Beetle, so first step was research - see below my collected reference images. 

The second step was to start thumbnailing our ideas, so below are very quick thumbnail sketches of a few designs. 
In design #1, I thought the double wing of the beetle was a good feature to use for the 'door' of a free-standing 'English' postbox based structure.
Design #2 is based on the typical 'American style' house mailbox, with the wings being able to be flipped up to show the mailbox has items in it. This is my favourite design. 
Design #3 is based off of wall mounted mail boxes some houses have instead of letterboxes through front doors, the inner wings form the basket and the outer wings form the protective case, which open outwards and you reach into the inner basket to retrieve letters, with the antlers for decoration, as with he other designs.
Designs #4 and #5 stem from #3 but are more of a rounded/3D basket design than the more 2D wall mounted one. Both sets of wings open outwards, letting the enclosed letters fall out the bottom to be collected.

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