Friday, 9 October 2015

Animation and Character #2 - Morphing Flash Animation

Today we were tasked with creating morph animations in Adobe flash. This was only the 2nd time Id ever actually used the program and I hadn't drawn in it before, so of course I was a little scared, but I actually really enjoyed it and found it quite easy, (drawing in flash is definitely easier than Photoshop). I'm pretty proud of the outcome, but in the future I'll probably come back to it and add some more frames to make the morphs transition a little smoother, and maybe play around with adding colour. 

Behold, Piccoliat. (Pip/Broccoli/Cat).


  1. very cute, Pip - and admiration for your perseverance during a difficult session :( Well done, you!

    1. Thanks Phil! I really enjoyed it :) And I was one of the lucky ones - I didn't have any problems with my tablet, just the Quicktime thing when it came to exporting.