Monday, 19 October 2015

Invisible Cities: Further Development and Viewpoint Planning

Above on the left is my ~final~ city plan, with the struts and canal placement sorted. Below I've quickly gone over with some colour coding so its easier to see what's what. 
Green - The city legs (obviously below the platform not to the sides. but like this to show the placement on each corner angle)  
Yellow - The city platform. 
Blue - Canal System, these drain away into a large reservoir in the city platform below the terminus building - water treatment plants here etc. 
Black - Main terminus building. (is a little too large here)
Red - Cable cart struts

Some quick thumbnails for the establishing and exterior low angle shots with this city plan put into action. However, I'm having some difficulty getting the angles and perspectives right because of all the geometry involved in my city - modelling in Maya could be the way to go. 

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