Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Invisible Cities: Baucis Shot Developments

Exterior Establishing Shot viewpoint, still need to add in some extra buildings within the dome. I've had a lot of issues with sorting out layers and how to actually put elements together in these compositions because I am still very new when it comes to Photoshop and this doesn't help with the fact that I have a lot of overlapping structures. I think I'll need to go back to this and break the main building up into separate layers to be able to put in buildings, and add the side telescope platforms. 

Had similar layering difficulties with this shot. In the end I thought it better to restart, also because I really wasn't happy with the angle, it just looked too flat and small. 

This is the remade viewpoint, all layers sorted and just waiting to add in the accommodation buildings at the back then the smaller details like carts, vines and platforms. Also need to add some tree forms within the domes. Will do colour comps of this but already have a good idea of my colour scheme. 

My interior is largely based off of this thumbnail I did at the very beginning of the project. The idea of having multiple levels within the domes has really stuck with me.

My accommodation buildings are largely based off of this quick sketch in my book. Will be hexagonal with a dome on top, continuing the theme, and the windows are small but wide to conserve glass for the domes, and the buildings have platforms (some open air, some with domes) as personal gardens to provide as much greenery in the city as possible, and also make use of as much space as possible. 

However, I do feel like I'm definitely developing my knowledge and skill in Photoshop, I feel a lot more confident and capable with it than even just a few days ago. Cant wait to start adding the finer details, just need to re-layer a few things and duplicate in some more buildings. 

(It's such a good feeling to be actually enjoying set work for once. Even with previous art courses I don't think I've ever really experienced as much enthusiasm as I have with this about learning a new skill before.) 

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