Thursday, 1 October 2015

Maya Tutorial - Intro to Maya - Modelling - Ray Gun

Here is my completed Ray Gun from the 2nd Maya tutorial. I found the tutorial quite fun/easy at first, putting together all the different shapes to create the gun form, and was thinking of other ways I could combine them to create other objects in the future. However towards the end I had a little trouble with colouring and smoothing, and think something went a little wrong (there's pink?) I'll have to go back over the video and see what I must have missed. 
Overall though I am quite proud of myself for actually making it this far with Maya and feel excited to get better with the software in the future. 

(While creating the ray gun I couldn't help thinking it just looked like something that belonged in the world of Futurama, so used the iconic Planet Express delivery ship as colour inspiration for when I got to that stage.)

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