Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Life Drawing #2 - Male form

 This weeks life drawing subject was Callum. We had a variety of different exercises, with him posing from between 20 minutes to 30 seconds throughout the session. For some of the studies we could choose what materials to use, if we wanted colour etc but I decided to stick with a 4B pencil to try and focus more on proportion, as it's been over a year since my last life drawing session and I definitely feel out of practice.

Study #1 - approx 15 mins(?) (left leg went wrong)

Study #2 - approx 10 mins(?) For this excercise we were directed to use a continuous line and not look at the paper. 

Study #3 - 7 poses, approx a minute/1 minutes per study

Study #4 - 30 seconds per pose

Study #1 - approx 20 mins (made head way too small)

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