Sunday, 31 January 2016

@Phil Storytelling and Commission - Script to Screen - The Taxidermists Son - Script

Here is my first draft for my short animation.
A few things first: It's a working title, so suggestions would be appreciated. I didn't want to give anything away with it, but at the moment it seems possibly a little bland to me. 
Also, I like the idea of having no dialogue, only having sound effects (some personalised to each character) and character movement to get across messages, similar to the characters in the the game "Don't Starve". 
Further, I'm not sure if I've done my camera directions entirely properly (formatting wise) so advice/direction on that would be great too if I've got it wrong. 
Lastly, I'm not too sure if it's too long, yes it does have quite a few different scene changes, but this is to show the passing of time; the repetitive nights etc, and the scene cuts on page 3 I plan only to be a few seconds long each. 

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  1. It reads well, Pip. As for titles: How about 'Pet Hate'? Any good?