Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Life Drawing - Robin

This week we had a new model, Robin. It was certainly a different experience working with him than it has been with any of the other models, heseemed much more enthusiastic to get involved with us and talk to us, and his poses were quite dramatic, often employing props, or pretending to use objects (musical instruments were a common theme). 

Pose 1 - 15/20mins. Had some issues with arm length/bend, and the thigh closest is too large, however feel quite pleased with torso/stomach area. Overall body proportion I feel I am improving with. 

Our next exercise was an assortment of poses, ranging from 30 seconds to around 3 minutes each. I didn't realise how many there were going to be so had a little issue with spacing, however some (below) I feel came out okay. 

Runners starting pose

standing and waving, holding bottle. 

Next we did the same excercagain, but with much shorted time between poses, varying between 10 seconds to a minute each one. I decided to use marker for these to take a bnreak from charcoal and chalk, and experiment with different media, and also as I knew with these poses due to the time restraints I would just have to go with instinctive mark making, and felt marker was perfect for this, as it is clear and bold. Below are some of what I feel were the more successful pose outcomes. 

Next we had a set of 3 poses where the left foot was kept in the same place, and hula hoop props were used. Around 5-10 minutes each pose. 

Final pose of the day, ~25 mins.  Back to my beloved chalk-and-charcoal-on-black. I did my usual trick of managing to make the head too small for the rest of the body, so that still needs work. Quite pleased with the contrast of this one though. 

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  1. well done, Pip - you obviously got a lot from Robin's session :)