Friday, 15 January 2016

Adobe Premiere - Animatic from Big Fish Like for Like Storyboard

Today was our first introduction to Adobe Premiere, and we used our frames from our like for like storyboards to create an animatic of our chosen scene. Whenever introduced to new software I do feel quite daunted, but more often than not I soon see its nowhere near as complicated as I initially thought to create basic work with. I think the most challenging part of this was trying to get the timings on scene transitions correct.
Initially as my storyboard had multiple images on a page, I had to crop each one out and set the size to be 1920x1080px so it was the correct size for working on in Premiere.
We didn't create an animatic of the whole storyboard, and I would like to go back into my storyboard anyway and edit a few images to work better as an animatic, now I know what sort of thing I need to have for working in Premiere, as where some of the scenes are quite a few seconds long on, but I only have one or two images for them, you are left looking at a still image for a while, so it seems quite disjointed. Once the new drawings have been made to fill in the movement, I'm thinking I can use a fade/dissolve cut to transition between the drawings, to make the movement and scenes flow a lot better.
My animatic of 'Leaving Spectre'. (Version 1)
Clip from Big Fish - 'Leaving Spectre', for comparison.

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