Monday, 4 January 2016

Life Drawing - Sharon with Heat Lamp

 Initial poses, 5/10 minutes each. I think the first one is my favourite (top left), I tried to loosen up today and come out of my comfort zone, hence the pro markers which Ive not really used much before, but I feel I went a bit too "messy" with the other 3. I used the red and pink to show the intensity of the red light coming from the heat lamp, also the red scarf the model was wearing, then the lilac and occasionally grey to show the cooler, darker tones, but still keep in a warm-ish colour scheme. 

2nd pose, 25/30 mins. I tried to place the figure on the page by really quickly adding a floor, as well as the rays from the heat lamp that were shown on the wall behind, kind of. I feel the proportions went quite well in this one and like the juxtaposition of the strong blue of the cloth over the stool, and the bright red of the scarf over the more delicate body and setting colours. Also I really enjoyed drawing the hair as the models hair isnt perfectly straight or all one length, so its quite interesting drawing all the different curls and adding tone. This is something I did quite a lot of in my 1st year of A-level fine art when I drew a lot of "creepy dolls" (mostly uaing pastel however) and was something I enjoyed coming back to. 

Last pose, not sure how long. It was freezing in the room so the model put clothes back on, and we could choose a specific area to focus on or draw the whole form again. I wanted to focus on the head and hair as I enjoyed that in the previous pose. I used two different greys for the majority of tones, wanting to keep it quite neutral to starkly juxtapose the bright pink, showing where the heat lamp light was shining on the face. Originally I "finished" the study like this, but still had a little over 5 minutes left before the end so instead of starting a new piece I went back into this one.

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