Monday, 4 January 2016

Maya Tutorial - Texturing and Shading 1 - Shading Networks: Sampler Info Nodes

1 - Double Sided Shader

Textured front of page

Textured back of page

2 - X-Ray Shader

 Translucency (X-Ray Lambert)

 Added Colour

 Adjusted Ramp

 Added Ambient Light

Added Glow to X Ray Lambert

3 - Rim Light Shader

Grey Model (first 4 renders I forgot to render through shot cam whoops) 


 Ramp plugged into incandescence on blinn

 Swapped ramp black and white

Ramp black set 0.5 

 Grey model colour set on ramp white

Softened Light

Colour Model


Coloured ramps plugged into incandescence, but not hair, shirt, jeans

Shirt, hair and jeans ramp colours plugged into blinn incandescences 

Shirt colour gain increased, lighting refined/smoothed

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