Thursday, 14 January 2016

Like For Like Storyboard - Big Fish - Leaving Spectre

For my like for like storyboard I chose the clip 'Leaving Spectre' from the 2003 film 'Big Fish' as this film has been one of my favorites since I first watched it not long after it came out.
I chose this scene particularly for the scene design, I always found Spectre to be one of the strangest settings of the film, but liked the symmetry of the town, plus I liked the camera work when dancing/spinning, simulating the perspective of the people dancing, thinking the multiple scene cuts in this part particularly would be good to storyboard.
However, I wasn't entirely sure how to go about creating the storyboard, initially I thought I would just draw a new frame each time there was a new scene, however some of the scenes in the clip I chose are quite a few seconds long, and contain characters moving over a distance/camera panning around and so on. In the end I just tried to capture the key elements of the clip.

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