Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Fantastic Voyage - Post Pitch Feedback Response

The feedback I got was mostly just reaffirming my thoughts on areas I already knew I need to work on, but also gave me some positive feedback on my concept and design work, and gave me some ideas with which to improve and move forward. 

The main feedback points I took from it were:

Decide/focus on exactly what the animation is - not a game trailer but a public awareness film in the guise of a game play through. Take inspiration from popular YouTube gamers who post play throughs, eg The Yogscast, Hat Films, Pewdiepie, possibly introduce my animation as this form, provide a voice over, (raging brother? Typical teenage rage quit commentary) make it look like an exciting new game, but with an inept gamer continuously battling against each level but becoming more and more irate at their constant defeat. 
Constant one-up-manship from the bacterias, no matter how many you kill, you can never be quick enough/strong enough to win. 

For this I also need to include more actual "gameplay" action, showing the fighting and killing between bacteria and antibiotics, show off the abilities and upgrading strength of bacteriums. Make it exciting and engaging, present it as a sneak peek play through. Decide how  many levels and what section of each will be showcased, how will I transition this? 

Also I need to focus on interface design, make it less complicated/ more obvious/easy to read and understand what is going on. White text is not as easy to read as I initially thought. Also cut down on the text, public awareness NHS link at end, people educate themselves, communicate more through action rather than text. The font used is not that great for longer sections of text, but I should be getting shot of these so I think it will be okay to stick with. However also sort out timings for what text remains, make a little longer as at times in my animatic it was too short to read properly. 

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