Sunday, 13 March 2016

Fantastic Voyage - Level Up Screen Concept

This is the basic layout for the level up screen of my animation. The centre pod shows your character at it's current level and with attributes equipped. The four small hexagons around this display the number of attributes unlocked from each section. The larger hexagons will contain the icons representing each attribute increase for the 3 sections. Weapons will go from basic eg better sword, axe, spiked mace, to ranged weapons, to finally syringe (must be unlocked to reach character level 3) Armour is the same. Agility unlocks jumps, double jumps, speed etc. Lower left shows the character levels as they unlock, but has a shaded silhouette of currently locked levels. I'm thinking I will probably need colour coding on the hexagons linked to the character levels, showing attributes needed to reach each level up. 

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