Friday, 4 March 2016

Fantastic Voyage - Market Research

I want my animation to appeal to an audience of GCSE aged teenagers, for the 'game' Im creating in my animation to serve as a learning aid about the body and immune system, and the role of antibiotics therein. To do this I have to consider what sort of game appeals to this audience, and why, and how I make sure I take this into account in my work. 

Key Factors to consider:
I don't want the game to be too complicated, or some may be put off by this - therefore not make it too strategy based/ not a lot of thinking & planning involved. Fairly straightforward to play, but still educational. 
Not be overly 'educational' - I dont want to laden the game with scientific terms or large areas of text explaining things. I want this to be fun and engaging or it will completely go against the whole point of the animation. 
Guilty pleasure - although the game may may not seem sophisticated" or serious", I know if done correctly this will still appeal to a large target audience. Simple games are very popular with this age group, prime examples being simple app download games, and for the more gaming orientated person, the rising popularity of the 'indie game" - prime example being Minecraft, with its simplistic graphics and relaxed gameplay. Other more modern examples include games developed by The Behemoth, such as Castle Crashers and Battle Block Theatre. Plus, historically, simple slightly strategy based games have proven long term favourites, aimed at a teenage audience, classics like Pokemon and Kirby being prime examples.
Want it to be painterly and pretty - however dont want to go overboard on the detail making it too complicated, but dont want large blocks of colour, this may make it seem too basic - good example of simplistic interest is the Splatoon squid design, overall quite basic shape and mainly 2 colours, but with small added details of spots makes it much more engaging than having it all one blank colour would be. Similar goes for my environments, want to keep colours simple and friendly to attract and draw interest, and not make it seem too sophisticated, while not being boring. Also to match in with simple shapes and non complicated models. This pretty-but-simple design will help make the game animation appealing and engaging, while also not distracting from the "action" of the bacteria vs antibiotics.

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