Thursday, 3 March 2016

Fantastic Voyage - OGR #1

First off apologies for the lateness. 
Secondly an ask for help/advice on a particular area. I think I *now* have a pretty good idea of how aesthetically I want this to look, and a grasp of the jist of the animation, and I'm understanding of the science behind my chosen bioscientific scenario, but I'm having real difficulty with trying to correctly convey the science in my animation. It just seems to me that I keep on conveying the message that you need to keep pumping in more antibiotics to deal with bacteria, when this is of course not the case, but then I dont want the "game" to be entirely luck based, as this could factor as a negative, as people would feel as if they have 0 control in the "game", but then of course it is almost like that with antibiotics. Also I think I am going a little too complicated with it. I keep going back and forth with ideas and I'm just confusing myself and making this harder than it probably is.
My head is a bit of a mess frankly and this project is not going at all to plan right now. 

I have a few alternatives going around my head at this point:
1 - Drop the "game" idea, perhaps turn it into simply a short animation with voiceover of the antibiotics and bacteria personified. 
2 - Add in a 3rd character - body's basic immune system white blood cells, that you the player are each round, and you have to carefully balance the amount of antibiotics you use, almost as a "booster" to try and aid you in stopping the invading bacteria. Have to be careful not to use too much or bacteria will mutate + multiply into harder superbugs, if allowed to reach "final" stage through too much mutation due to excessive antibiotic use, you lose the game. 

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  1. Hi Phil, I've spoken to Simon this afternoon and have developed my concept and ideas since this, I've just put up a post about it :)