Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Fantastic Voyage - Bacteria Concept Development

I've been having quite a lot of difficulty with this project, particularly with developing the bacteria, and it was really holding me back. I thought I knew what sort of direction I wanted, and how to develop, but whatever I came up with I just hated and it felt completely wrong. I spoke to Jordan today though and he's given me some ideas and pointers and I'm feeling a lot more confident now. 
This was a concept page I had been trying to work on, developing some of my sketchbook bacteria designs, however they really weren't working and I was getting so frustrated with them, and ended up sketching some completely different shapes, but had also disregarded these as although I much preferred them to the others, I wasn't sure how I would be able to give them the mutation abilities/defences/attacks, however Jordan said these were much better and were working. So I think these are my starting point for my final bacteria, and could develop them to be "meaner" similar to Jordan's ideas below. 

I also explained to Jordan how I was stuck for ideas and not sure how to go on, he suggested I try a quick method of simply blocking out shapes, then adding small details, to see what aspects I did and didn't like, as I was getting too worried about coming up with the final design, which was making me hesitant to go on and frustrated.

He created this page as a guide, and I worked on the ones below. 

I quite like 13, 14 and 8, but also the mouths of 12 and 7.

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