Monday, 14 March 2016

Fantastic Voyage - Final Antibiotic Concept Art

Finished concept art for my antibiotics, as of now. These are the ones needed for my animation. They are supposed to represent antibiotics getting stronger to fight stronger bacteria. We start with a simple pill, which then grows to a bigger pill, then pills and injections, until finally an IV bag. I'm not totally set on the colours for levels 1-3. I cant do green as bacteria are green, I was initially thinking pink but the majority of my environment is pink, so this wouldn't work well I don't think. I'll have a play around with some other colours once I've finished the bacteria and environments properly, if I have time before the pitch. Refining these down from sketches took a lot longer than I was anticipating, I really couldn't get the hang of illustrator so did it all in Photoshop, which took quite a while. 

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