Thursday, 18 February 2016

Storytelling and Commission - Script to Screen - Cat Colour Comps

Colour comps for my cat character, I only used ginger and orange as this is the colour he needs to be as this is the fur colour the taxidermist is searching for to complete his collection. Just played around a bit with different marking styles, I quite like the simplicity of 1 but I like the scruffyness of 4, it gives him more of a street-cat kind of vibe and makes him friendlier in my opinion. Also I liked the mismatched eye colour, it gives him more character and if you were to have a cat with these markings (which would be very rare) it would likely have mismatched eyes if the markings were different over it's eyes due to the colouration biology of cats - gingers often have the usual yellow-olive green cat eye colour, while Russian Blues often have much more blue eyes. Also the cat is a male as it is rather uncommon for a female cat to have ginger colouration, plus it makes him a better-fit companion for the son. 

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