Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Fantastic Voyage - Initial Concepts and Influence Map

Okay so, after talking to Jordan today I think I have the general direction I want to take my animation in sorted, so to summarise my notes above for easier reading: 
Focus area: The immune system and how it works
Target audience: Older kids to teens, around 10 to 16/17, I want this to be quite accessible to those who perhaps during their science lesson just sit, bored just wanting to be anywhere but there, probably preferably making fan art for games or series and playing video games perhaps. For those dont think science is their "thing" and know their brain functions much more as artistic and expressive than factual and scientific, or maybe those who just dont see it as 'fun'.  
The animation would be a short run-through/portion of a typical platformer "fighting game" setup, drawing inspiration from classics such as Kirby, Scott Pilgrim and Super Smash bros Brawl, as well as newer influences including BattleBlock Theatre, Castle Crashers, Slime Rancher and Splatoon, as well as the unlocking/upgrading system of Plague inc.
The idea is the human body is the arena, where the attacking bacteria battle the antibiotics. The educational aspect comes from with each round/level where the antibiotics are used, the bacteria can mutate to not be killed and be more resistant in the next round. The player will have to be strategic in their use of antibiotics in order to win (beat the bacteria) showing how antibiotics cannot be freely used constantly.
To better translate this into a game setup the player can perhaps choose different defences/attacks they can"develop" in their next antibiotic, unlocked at the end of each level and it will be chance if they are successful in completely wiping out the bacterias random mutations. If the antibiotic is unsuccessful/used too many times, then a superbug will be formed in a kind of "final boss fight" style, and the player will likely lose the game. 
I want this animation to be fast, fun, and playful to try and engage with my target audience, get them excited about beating off the bacteria while having to think carefully about the logic behind how to beat it, instead of going full on "all guns (antibiotics) blazing". 

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