Monday, 8 February 2016

Maya Tutorial - Assembling a Scene

In today's Maya tutorial we were taken through how to create a basic scene, starting with a room with a window and door hole, then adding a door and blinds, then being free to do what we liked with it. I however was a bit dim and forgot to save the scene, so when my Maya crashed shortly after finishing the tutorial and having made my desk, filing cabinet and half a pot, I then had to start all over again from scratch. I was not pleased. However going over it again has really solidified the basic processes for me so the crash I guess did have some use, and I found I was much quicker second time round, and manage to remake the room and all it's features, plus make new and more objects, and set up all the lamberts for the components. However I did not get on to lighting or adding further detail and furniture. I will probably come back to this scene in my own time to add more to it though as I did quite enjoy making it, and I'm looking forward to creating my Maya modeled environments for Pet Hate. 

View of the completed room. 

Pot, table legs and doorknob with edge smoothing. 

Different angle

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