Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Life Drawing - Robin II

 First pose - approx 20 minutes. Quite pleased with how this one turned out, although I had real difficulties with the face so conveniently blurred this... Also there's something a little off going on with his left leg, and the right foot. 

When cropping in photoshop I had a little play with the colours and saturation to make it pop a little

Changing it to blcak and white also helped me to see the tonal values (thank you Jordans' photoshop lessons)

Next were a set of quick poses, the five 2 minute poses are in white chalk and the 1 minutes are in yellow

There were a few I was particularly pleased with the outcomes of

We then moved onto a set of 5 moving poses, with Robin holding each one for approx 20 seconds before moving onto the next, and then looping around and repeating the set. I actually really liked this style of working as it made you get down some very instinctive structures and shapes in the first round or so, and then gave you more time after to add more detail and refine a little. 

To finish was a sitting pose, I made a caricature trying to bring out certain features over others. 


  1. LOVE that bottom drawing, Pip! :D

    1. Thanks Phil! I'm really trying to loosen up a bit in my drawing :)