Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Storytelling and Commission - Script to Screen - Cat Concepts

Few quick cat concept sketches, I'm thinking it has to have big eyes and be pretty skinny, a kind of shadow of the boy to create rapport between the two, but not thing/tall in a creepy/scary way like the taxidermist, so rounded features too. Liking the standing and looking behind body shapes on the bottom, also the sitting body shape where the head turned into more of a dogs head. 


  1. wish you'd number them... it would make giving you feedback quicker and easier - numbers help people engage with these moments - i like the biggest drawing of the cat's face - he looks fun and also a bit kooky.

    1. Sorry! Ill remember that for next time, I usually do put numbers but this one I forgot :) And thank you, I quite liked the big eyes effect