Wednesday, 9 December 2015

What if? Metropolis - UV Mapping Update

Slowly but surely getting there!
There were a LOT of issues with the nodule-y building, with both the actual main building section and especially the balconies, (why did I have to make myself such a complicated model?!)  but after help from Simon and lots of messing around with it we finally got something that worked (yay!) Also UV'd some of the other main building shapes (including the other scary shape - which was actually not as scary to UV as expected).
Now I just have to finish off the main complicated building by UVing the original 3/4 coral growths, and then simply transfer the attributes to the duplicates, as with the nodules. This feature will also come in very useful on the last building, and both the outcrop and bridge as they all have duplicated shapes too. Feeling a lot better about it now and think I should even be able to finish it off without anymore outside help (touchwood). ONWARDS!

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