Monday, 9 January 2017

Character - Pre-Production Bible

Reflective Statement
I definitely found this project challenging, I had a rocky start finding it tough to whittle down my ideas into something not "generic" and therefore boring, and tried to achieve humour in my final outcome. However I do feel my final character designs seem a little disjointed, with perhaps different styles being used on different characters, eg the face of speaker 2 is much more "realistic" than that of speaker 1, and I think that finding my own style that I am happy and comfortable with is still something I have to work on. 

Character Work Links:
In Class Activities

Sound Clip & initial worlds
Initial Ideas
Character #1 Initial Influence Map
Character #1 Initial Influence Map
Enviroment Influence Map
Character #2 Initial Sketches
Basic Enviroment Planning
7/11/16 Character OGR
Character #2 Redirection and New Influence Map
Character #2 New Initial Thumbnails
Character #1 Thumbnails
Character #2 Developed Thumbnails
Finished Enviroment

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