Thursday, 12 January 2017

Adaptation - Animated Infographic: Project Pitch

Creative ways to...
  1. Stroke your cat
  2. Show your cat (/pet) you love them
  3. Help your cat lose weight
  4. Recycle/ save the planet/ save energy
  5. Avoid awkward situations 
  6. Avoid (/survive) social situations
  7. Avoid religious callers
  8. Boil an egg 
  9. Make money
  10. Announce a pregnancy 
  11. Tidy up/ declutter
  12. Avoid doing your chores
  13. Reply to/deal with spam email
  14. Give great presents/be a great host (without spending a lot of money)
  15. Express your individuality
  16. Re-purpose old belongings
  17. Make it through family gatherings
I want to go for something that I can make quite funny, and a little odd, without going too over the top, and just keep it pretty simple but charming. I'm quite fond of the pet/cats ideas as I know that's something I would really enjoy as I'm a huge cat/animal fan, and think I could get a lot of inspiration from my own cats/pets, who are all mad and have their own little personalities. 
Also I quite like the boil an egg idea for the simplicity of it and then to find/show creative ways of doing it I think would be fun, but also the more environmental ones I like too as then I can have some "serious/educational" points in there as well as some more fun ideas, but I do like the idea of having something at least semi environmentally conscious


  1. I always like this project!

    Meanwhile... could you take your new passport to Gayle at Campus Registry asap please? Many thanks :)

    1. Ah shoot knew there was something I forgot to do today! I actually had it in my bag to get to her, will do asap. :)

  2. Hi Pip
    Pitch feedback:
    Some good choices here and yes I agree with your assessment regarding ‘boil an egg’. My choices would be ‘Announce a pregnancy, boil an egg, and avoid callers. I think these have the scope to be funny and leave room for ‘fun information’. However, graphically speaking boil and egg would be a more fitting choice because it involves less ‘character animation’ and centres around a single graphical form. In some ways having that restriction can be quite liberating and help you focus your design. It doesn’t stop you having fun with it either. My only concern with that choice is – what are the creative ways and can you sustain the information from beginning to end without it becoming a one note joke. If you can solve that quickly then you are good to go.

  3. Note: You could make a series of short infographics (a series) in which each episode shows another unusual way to boil an egg.