Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Adaptation: Part A - Creative Ways to cook an Egg - Stylistic Influences

For part A of my adaptation project, the infographic, my chosen idea is "creative ways to cook an egg". I originally was going to go with "boil" but cook gives me more options to play with. 

My infographic is going to be aimed at tweens/teens, around GCSE age, as if it were a short on a revision aid like BBC Bitesize, or part of a semi-serious/educational science show like Brainac, but also has a comedy aspect to help keep them entertained. 

The style for my infographic will be influenced by BBC Bitesize iteself, I will be looking at the style of graphics used to ensure it works for my target audience. I also however want to bring in a more fun and comedic element, and excitement too, drawing inspiration from 1930s - 50s american advertisements, with the typical upbeat and almost forced positivity voice over, and trumpeting music. 

Looking at graphics from the BBC Bitesize website, I can see strong, bold colours are used, with clean lines and uncomplicated, minimal, simplistic designs. 

I think a good medium between these influences would be a similar style to the Game Batteblock theatre.It has the kind of upbeat and over positive voiceover Im going for, and has a comedy aspect that appeals to the age group I'm intending the info graphic to be for. 

Also I can take influence from the "S.P.E.C.I.A.L" animations from the Fall Out franchise.

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