Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Adaptation: Part B - Initial Ideas

Trying to come up with ideas for this project I initially found quite challenging, and really had very little idea of even what sort of adaptation I wanted to undertake. Outside of uni, I'm interested in papercrafts and physically making items, so after talking to Alan formed a partial idea possibly involving papercraft, using this software, which allows you to unfold models and construct them, and I was also shown the work of this artist who constructs sculptures and model kits from paper.

Ive also always been very interested in nature and animals, in particular forests and woodland, as well as Northern American wildlife. From this I was initially thinking along the lines of perhaps taking a story/ myth/ fable focusing on woodland/animals and creating a short animation for it, perhaps aimed as a childens show, taking shows that use paper textures as influences (eg Charlie and Lola like in my previous group project), which would also allow me to create physical textures and incorporate them into my work. I could design the character models (most likely low poly, which I've also always liked the look of) and also have them in physical form. However I wasn't totally sold on this idea and had no clue what story I would use, and nothing I could think of was really inspiring me.

I was listening to a song I used to really love but hadn't listened to in a long time the other day, when I started getting ideas form, and over the last few days have been developing a hopefully possible project in my head, based on this song, which (I checked) fits as an "adaptation" category, as a possible music video. 

To me, this song would perfectly suit a video focused on animal rights, something Im also passionate about. Using this song I think I can use a similar line to what I was origninally going for, but in a way that makes it much ore meaningful to me and as a whole. My idea focuses on highlighting the negativity of animals in captivity around the world, in such places as circuses, and pure profit eg non-caring and non-conservationist zoos and animal centres. 
The basis of my idea is to initially show animals in captivity, low poly, dull, grey, blank "paper" , then as the song progresses and speaks of freedom and running away it shows the animals in their natural environments, and colour and detail appears on the animal models and aroud them in the environment. I was thinking having the natural environment "unfold" from the animals themselves, or something along those lines, or perhaps the animals themselves unfold  these are all directions I can explore deeper. 
A message as well as a project, expressing something I believe in. 

I could have multiples animals shown that are commonly kept in captivity , in particular I'm interested in including bears and elephants (circus) monkeys (orangutans?) Possibly a big cat such as lion or tiger, and definitely a killer whale (sealife). 

All through GCSE, A Level and Foundation art I really enjoyed using watercolour and fineliner pen, creating detailed (often animal) studies mixing these mediums (as well as combining with mediums like collage and oil paints) and feel this is something I can explore again with this project, physically creating the colour and detail textures, with help from the unfolding softawre, to give my work a more natural and personal effect. 

(better photos to be updated)

I also really love the work of artists Sasha Unisex and Kerby Rosanes, and think their work would be a good inspiration for this project. 

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  1. OK Pip, I listened to your track and yes you will need to sort out the copyright issues etc. With that said yes I think the project could work and the only thing I would possibly consider was contextualising it a little more - For example, making a video (like the John Lewis ads) but for something like the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). That way you get a music video with a 'client'. You don't have to make a big deal about that but it would be good to include it to underpin the project.