Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Sculpting - Session 2

This weeks session I realised my head overall was just very small, so began by trying to bulk it out as a whole, plus tried to figure out how it may look from the front, as non of the concept art pieces I was working from actually showed a full front view, however I could tell from a few of them the face was quite wide with wide high cheekbones. 

After adding more distinction to the nose and cheeks, and building up what will be come the fringe, I also added in my milliput eyes I create last week so I can start building around them.

Also adding in extra clay to the lips to give more mouth definition. 

This was the image I decided to focus on for the more frontal view, comparing the cheek/nose ratio here to see how much to add to the cheek and probably take from the nose. 

This was the stage I got to at the end of session 2, now a much better size in comparison to my main inspiration image, and with some more detail added to the features. 

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