Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Adaptation: Part B - Source Materials

Since I'm modelling actual animals and not a character/creature I have created, firstly I need them to look realistic, so I'll be using photos, scientific illustrations and accurate studies of each of the animals to use as a base for modelling each of them. This will allow me to not only be accurate in my modelling but will also come to help me hopefully when I experiment with texturing, as it will allow me to see the natural colours and patterns as well as contour lines in the animals, allowing for expressive colouration  that also works well with the animal. It will also allow me to look at the variation of the species, in colouration, shapes, and how the sexes differ. 

I went with an emperor penguin  as I wasn't looking to focus on any particular breed of penguin, as the reason for penguins being included is to focus on the mistreatment and poor quality of arctic dwelling animals in captivity as a whole, and emperor penguins are the most commonly recognised penguins, so thought they would be a good breed for representation. For my model bases I found these 2 simple studies which showed me the basic body shape, and I free handed on the head from the front. 

I found this pretty straight side on image of an orca which gives me a good idea of body shape from this angle, plus I wanted an aerial view too to better understand the distribution of mass along the orca. 

However finding a straight on front view was not quite so easy, so I ended up using this image, which was the closest I could find, and roughly editing it in Photoshop to use as a general guide to the front view. Of course I wont be sticking to these images absolutely as Ill be seeing how it looks modeled and what I think works/looks right.

Once again finding an actual photo of the animal form the views I wanted wasn't all that easy, but I did manage to find these images of realistically modelled elephants from these views which I can use as a rough guide.

Black Bear
Again it wasn't too easy to find straight on views for the black bear, so for the side view I found this identifying infographic which tells me specific features of the black bear, as well as a pretty side on view I can roughly use. 

For the front view however I once again had to roughly Photoshop and mix some different images to attempt to get a basic idea of how the body looks.

The Tiger was a pretty easy to find decent images of front and side views.

California Condor
I want to model my condor with wings outstretched, which can be folded with rigging. Most images in flight however dont show the birds neck/head, so I also have this 3/4 image which I can use as a side view for thehead, and also shows me how the wings curl slightly. 

I found this image on a Californian condor fact sheet which gives a good representation of the body shape so will be using this for the front view. 

For the orangutan I was initially thinking of modelling the orangutan standing on its hind legs, so started looking at images of these and scientific studies of body shape, however later decided to model it on all fours, as I want to show an older male i my work and from looking at multiple photos of orangutans standing on two legs, it tends to be only the much younger animals that do this. 

This offers a good 3/4 view and idea of leg length difference, and hair bulk for the kind of age male I want to model, which I will have to take into account

I found this side on view of a 3D model which I think wil serve well as a base shape, which I can bulk up to account for hair/muscle of an older male.

The front view again was difficult to find, so I have this image of a younger animal, and have again roughly photoshopped it to give a basic idea, and again I can bulk this up in modelling.

Rhesus Macaque

I really liked this image I found as it shows the length of the macaques leg/hands very well, as well as a profile view. However will b using the image below as my main side reference as its in a better standing pose. 

And for the front reference I once again made a rough photoshop image. 

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