Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Sculpting - Session 1

For our sculpting class the aim is to produce a small bust of a character of our choosing. We were instructed on some basic do's and don'ts of choosing which character we wanted to sculpt, and I chose to base my sculpture on the concept art produced by one of my favourite artists, Loish, for protagonist Aloy, of the new game Horizon: Zero Dawn. I was initially unsure if this would be suitable because of the hair, but emailed Alan about it to check, and said about probably simplifying the hair in Photoshop for when it actually reaches hair sculpting time. The left image on the first design page is my main inspiration. 

The first step was to assemble our stand, securing piping to a board, and then to start forming the base neck and head shape with tin foil to save on clay and help in the drying process. 

Next I began to lay clay over the foil base and roughly create basic facial feature points, like nose, cheekbones and chin. 

Using my printout as a reference, starting small but building up the clay slowly.

Adding more to the backof the head for the base of the braided hair.

This is the stage I got to in the first session, a basic head shape and features. 

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