Thursday, 23 March 2017

Adaptation: Part B - Post Interim Crit, feedback and moving forward.

Today's pitch went a lot better than I was expecting, I was really quite nervous that people might not really "get" what I'm going for with my project, but it seemed to go down well and I got positive feedback which has really boosted my confidence with the project and given me some confirmation on where I'm heading, and what my final product should consist of. This coupled with the fact the essay is all done and dusted now, plus I feel like I've got the hang of low poly modelling and using the PePaKuRa software too has made me really feel much more relaxed and able to not only focus fully on this project, but also actually quite excited to get going and continue on too. 

I've known since early on in this project that I wouldn't be creating a full animated video for the whole song, and had planned to have refined animatic and textured models as my final outcome, with some possible animation cycle, and I got positive response to this in my feedback and urged to try and push myself to experiment with particle effects in Maya to create the flaking/dissolving of my animals that I want to achieve. I've been told to look at some year 3 Maya tutorials and also been linked some by Deanna on nCloth and some other processes too which I've been told should be useful for me, which I'm excited to start experimenting with a little later on. 

I also got response that this premise would be strong for taking on and developing further in 3rd year, which is definitely something I think I would be interested in doing, as I had thought about the possibility of this before feedback too, and at this point I'm really enjoying the project and agree it would be annoying just to drop it at the end of this year, as I definitely have an idea of how I would like a final animation to look and would really like to see it come to life, eventually. 

First though moving on from my current point, I need to finish creating the low poly models of the rest of my animals, and create the paper mesh models for each of them. This will allow me to start experimenting with different patterns and ways of adding colour to the animals. I want to look a little further into patterns as I want each animal to have patterns relating to its natural habitat, whether they be tribal based for possibly the elephant and tiger, or just generally in theme, for example wavelike patterns on the orca. I feel like having meaning behind the patterns I create will be better than just "drawing pretty patterns" because my whole project focuses having meaning behind the work I create. I will also likely take this into consideration too when deciding colours for the animals.

Next step after I've got my designs finalised will be bringing them back out of the physical and into the virtual, finding a way to apply these textures I have created physically to my animal models in Maya. I will also likely experiment with enhancing colours in Photoshop too, but without overworking them as I still want to keep the freedom and expressiveness of watercolour. 

Then also once Ive got my final colours I can focus on creating a really refined/high quality animatic for the whole song.

To summarise, happy with the positive and confirming feedback I received, and excited to move forward with this project and see what I can create! 

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